LAMY safari all black ncode Bundle


The new LAMY safari all black ncode bridges the gap between the analogue notebook and the unlimited world of digital writing. In cooperation with Lamy, Korean tech company NeoLAB Convergence launches an optoelectronic writing system.

When we need to quickly capture a few thoughts, we intuitively find it easiest to do so by hand using a pen – handwritten notes, annotations and sketches are the best way to capture our ideas, process what we’ve experienced and so understand the world. The LAMY safari all black ncode now adds to this the fantastic potential of digital processing, combining both worlds in a single writing instrument: the advantages of analogue writing on paper with all the possibilities of digital storage and processing.

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LAMY safari all black ncode Bundle

The bundle package comes with all the necessary items to explore the unlimited possibilities of writing and digital processing.

What’s in the box:
✅ 1x LAMY safari all black ncode smart pen (equipped with LAMY M21 ballpoint refill black)
✅ 1x LAMY digital paper notebook (including paper controller)
✅ 1x USB power cable
✅ 1x Manual

LAMY safari ncode
– Lamy’s legendary writing instrument is blended with Neo LAB’s ncode digital writing technology.

LAMY digital paper notebook
– The LAMY digital paper notebook comes with Neo LAB’s proprietary ncode technology.



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